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During the pre-nomination debate at the Arizona State Convention, the presidential candidates fielded anonymous questions from attendees. One was about the government’s role in vaccines. My answer, paraphrased, was something like this: “I vaccinated both of my daughters. That was my personal decision, but the government has no right to mandate vaccines. While it’s horrible enough for the government to prevent us from doing things and putting things in our body (drugs, vaping, gambling), it’s really egregious for the government to force us to put something into our bodies!”

After the debate, a very friendly young woman approached me and told me that she was the one who submitted the vaccine question…and that she liked my answer the best out of all the other candidates. I was thrilled that the questioner liked my reply. I was also intrigued. Why? Because vaccines weren’t something I had previously considered an infringement on my personal liberties – her perspective was eye opening for me. 

As I mentioned in my reply, I vaccinated my daughters, and, growing up in the 1960s when Western medicine was revered and people rarely questioned doctors, I myself had received all the typical vaccines. Heck, I even received 4 doses of the rabies vaccine in 4 different cities during the campaign!

How many people can say they’ve received that vaccine! (That whole bat thing, which, again – I wasn’t bitten by the bat – merely scratched.) But enough to warrant a vaccine, if you believe in taking vaccines, which I did. And do.

So I was happy that I was able to convey my passion for liberty and my fight for freedom in an area that I didn’t think was a concern to me at the time. Never in a million years did I think the vaccination freedom I was fighting for would affect my family.

Then COVID happened.

​Now I find myself in the same position as that young woman, concerned about government coercion. For the record, no, I haven’t received the COVID vaccine…


… but, that’s my risk-benefit decision, and it should remain mine, not the government’s.

​Just when I think things can’t get any worse, Joe Biden announced his door-to-door campaign and the major media outlets went into overdrive. Did you see they’re now bribing people to get vaccinated? With everything from beer to empanadas, guns and even cold, hard cash, the major parties on both sides of the aisle are pulling out all the stops when it comes to an opportunity to infringe on your personal, medical liberty.

Of course the liberty-minded are outraged, but I’m wondering if people listened carefully to his words when President Biden made his announcement a few weeks ago. If they did, they might be even more outraged than the usual government-overstepping-its-bounds outrage.

​Joe Biden announced, “Now we need to go to community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and oftentimes door to door literally knocking on doors to make gains in getting those of you who are unvaccinated, vaccinated.” 

Had Biden declared this to be a communications campaign to reach the many people out there who are simply living their lives, paying attention to work and kids, too busy to keep up with the news, I could write this off as typical nanny-state. “Gotta go out there and spread the message to make sure everyone knows about this government-subsidized vaccine!”

But, that’s not what he said! Biden’s not speaking to the disadvantaged and uninformed, to those who don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with the media due to lack of access to the internet or other restrictions.

He's talking directly to YOU!

You, who are plugged in enough to watch/listen to his speech – or, at least, snippets of it. You, who keep up with press conferences. You, who watch the news. You, who are not uninformed, disadvantaged, or any of the other adjectives that would keep you from already having made an informed medical decision. He’s talking to you. Do you think you need someone to tell you how to make decisions for yourself?

We freedom-loving people often commiserate about the government monopoly in schools and health care. This goes far beyond that. Biden realizes that you already have all the information you need, but he doesn’t like your conclusion. So he’s going to spend taxpayers’ dollars to knock on your door to tell you that he doesn’t agree with your decision. And that you need to “choose” his way of doing things, or else. Serving as the icing on the cake, we get Dr. Fauci’s response about taking the vaccine: 

“You gotta ask – What is the problem [with taking the vaccine]? Get over it!” 

And Steve Woodsmall, former Democratic candidate for Congress, who believes Biden should waive the informed consent requirement and make vaccines mandatory. He also mentioned something about the military becoming involved.

Is this really America?!

Yes, Biden and others in power want us to just get over having the last freedom many of us have taken away from us – that of making personal medical decisions about what goes in our bodies. Today it seems they’re even willing to plunge us into another recession to do it – to manipulate and forcefully bend us to their will.

I don’t like the way the state is growing in our country. I’m surprised there is even a discussion about having something injected into our bodies…but here we are, so what do we do?

Why should we fight for freedoms that, at least at the time, may not seem to affect us personally? Or for freedoms that we think aren’t a “big deal” so you should just do it?

Because at some point in our lives (perhaps sooner than you think!), it might become relevant. 

We need to fight for each other’s freedoms today because it sets a precedent for the liberties the state may take away tomorrow. For me, that means you should feel welcome and empowered to choose to get vaccinated if that’s your choice. It also means that if you choose not to, you won’t be forced, manipulated, bribed, or otherwise coerced into a medical decision by the government. It’s your decision, not the government’s.

What does personal freedom look like for you when it comes to this decision? 

What are your thoughts?

Yours in Liberty,

Dr. Jo

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