People For Liberty is made up of people like you and me who see liberty being threatened and want to do something about it. And we can.

Every day, all around the country, so many bills are proposed or already in the works that threaten our personal liberties. We must oppose that legislation now before it becomes a law. For us to be effective against the organized threat to our liberties, we must all work together to fight it.

Click your state on the map below to get started. There you will find legislation that is already listed, as well as links to your state’s legislative page. If you find a bill that you would like to fight, please click the I Want to Help! button so that we can connect you with other activists in your area and provide resources to get you started.

If you would like to add a piece of legislation that affects liberty, please fill out this form with as much detail as possible. People for Liberty will help connect you with others who want to fight alongside you. We want to help people testify before legislature. We want to help organize letter writing campaigns. We want to do what we do best — unite us all as People for Liberty.

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HB1371 enables funds earmarked for a child's public education to be used by parents to help fund alternative means of education.

virginia.govTo be heard in 2023 General Assembly01/19/2023

HB1078 exempts prohibition of non-sale transfers of firearms between family members and reduces penalties for brandishing a firearm.

virginia.govContinued to 2023 session01/11/2023

SB702: Proposed to allow Virginia or a locality to require a job applicant to disclose prior criminal history for marijuana related offenses

virginia.govContinued to 202301/01/2023

Sunshine in Litigation Act requires public access to litigation cases that have implications for individuals beyond the original parties.

dccouncil.govPublic Hearing12/08/2022

Street Vending Decriminalization Act: removes criminal penalties for violation of street vending regulations.

dccouncil.govPublic Hearing11/16/2022

HR5977 moves to decriminalize marijuana and regulate it like alcohol.

congress.govPublic Hearing11/14/2022

HR8137 Educational Choice for Children Act makes donations to scholarships tax exempt and prohibits governmental control over granting orgs

congress.govMr. Smith (NE) asked to be considered first sponsor of this bill for the purpose of adding cosponsors and requesting reprintings09/28/2022

A1961A Establishes the right to legal counsel in immigration court proceedings and provides for the administration thereof.

nysenate.govIntroduced; sent to Assembly Codes Committee09/16/2022

NJA389 enables insurance firms to provide insurance to businesses involved in handling cannabis or cannabis products without penalty.

state.nj.usReferred to Assembly Oversight, Reform and Federal Relations Committee09/15/2022

A10686: charges a fine to anyone who has a license plate from a state which NYC deems is not cooperative enough with their requests for info


H5190 a combination of bills regulating gun ownership including one that requires gun owners to provide yearly affidavits.

malegislature.govIntroduced; discharged to House Rules Committee09/08/2022

MAS3102 allows the Town of Nantucket to charge an additional transfer fee for properties deemed affordable housing.

malegislature.govReported favorably; placed into orders of the day for next session09/08/2022

H5483 Reproductive Health Rights Act repeals ban on abortion and expands access to choices before and after pregnancy.

scstatehouse.govReferred to Committee on Judiciary08/31/2022

SB2510 reclassifies "assault weapons" to include anything with more than 10 rounds and makes it illegal to have without prior registration.

ilga.govTo Senate Assignment Committee08/16/2022

HB5788 allows a firearms restraining order to be granted against a person whether they possess a firearm (or ammunition or parts) or not.

ilga.govFiled with clerk08/15/2022

HB5787 Reproductive Liberty and Dignity Act: Makes changes to provisions regarding the rights of women with regard to pregnancy & childbirth


HB3447 makes it easier for a petitioner to expunge criminal records esp as related to drug convictions; reduces drug possession penalties.

ilga.govEngrossed - pending senate approval08/10/2022

SB1142 - prohibits the state from denying a person’s right to obtain an abortion prior to viability or when the carrier's health is at risk

legiscan.comHearing at 9AM - Assembly Appropriations Committee08/03/2022

A bill to provide for responsible financial innovation and to bring digital assets within the regulatory perimeter.


HR8534 adds a licensing requirement to buy and own firearms, mandates firearm registration, and allows for confiscation if license revoked.


DC B24-0726 to protect those who support or assist people seeking to self-terminate a pregnancy, shielding them from penalties.

dccouncil.usPublic Hearing Thursday, July 14, 2022, 12:00 PM Live via: Zoom Video Conference Broadcast on DC Council Channel 13 Streamed live at www.dccouncil.us, www.entertainment.dc.gov, and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPJZbHhKFbnyGeQclJxQk0g/live07/14/2022

Human Rights Sanctuary Amendment Act - protects District residents' right to love who they love and control their reproductive destinies

acludc.orgPublic Hearing07/14/2022

Council Bill B24-0726 Protects those who support and assist individuals seeking to self-terminate a pregnancy.

thedcline.orgPublic Hearing07/14/2022

HR1218 condemns overturn of Roe v Wade; committing to advancing reproductive justice and judicial reform.


H2491 bans possession, assembly, use, distribution of unregistered, undetectable, or 3D printed firearms or their parts.

malegislature.govReporting date06/24/2022
StateSummaryLinkLast ActionLast Action DateVolunteer

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