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People for Liberty launched in May of 2020 in response to an unmet need and has developed into an exciting mixing ground for people, ideas, and candidates exploring the values of the liberty movement. Whether it be through our official non-profit organization or the political action committee, People for Liberty is dedicated to creating a warm and welcoming community for those seeking life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with as little government interference as possible. If you seek the same, we hope you’ll explore if our values align with your own.

We invite you to become a member of People for Liberty, sign up for our newsletter, and check out an upcoming event. No matter how you choose to get involved, we welcome all the support you can muster, and we’ll pay that support forward to the movement with the goal of bringing liberty not just to our members but to all Americans.

What We Do

People for Liberty is a collective of liberty-minded people, by the people, and for the people, working towards a common goal.

We are focused on empowering people through education and advocacy to take action in the political process, build an engaged community, and contribute to a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming culture that invites others to become a part of the liberty movement.

Leadership Group

Jo Jorgensen

On the heels of a 2020 election cycle, where Dr. Jo Jorgensen was one of only three candidates to be on the ballot in all 50 states + DC, Jo has become the President of the Board for People For Liberty. A transcendent figure in American Politics, Dr Jorgensen is the only Ph. D and the only woman to have ever been been on the ballot in 50+DC twice. Dr. Jorgensen brings a deep understanding of the cultural implications of a free society, as well as group of supporters who came to the Liberty movement because of the efficacy of her message and the way she was able to make people understand liberty on their own personal level.

Jo Jorgensen possesses the intellectual firepower and academic credentials to contend with tough opposition. She’s been a full-time Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Clemson University since 2006 and holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Clemson, 2002). She graduated in 1979 from Baylor University with a B.S. in Psychology and in 1980 from Southern Methodist University with an MBA.

Dan Fishman

A well-respected and long-time leader in the liberty movement, Dan Fishman most recently served as the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party before taking on the title and role with People for Liberty. During his tenure, the party benefited from an over 50% increase in Membership from August 2019 through January of 2021. He deftly pivoted the organization during the coronavirus pandemic to lead the first-ever online Presidential Nominating convention in May of 2020 as well as the online portion of the LNC’s hybrid convention in July of 2021. With a keen eye towards making the party more accessible to more people, he also led the charge to launch innovative programs including LPTV, Member Welcome Hangout, and the affiliate referral program.

Today, he hopes to further broaden the reach of the liberty message and movement by creating a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive culture with People for Liberty that offers open arms and support to those seeking a world set free in our lifetime.

Lauren Postler

Although new to the liberty movement, as a serial social entrepreneur Lauren has been building both nonprofit and for-profit organizations from the ground up for almost 15 years. A former social worker turned tech startup founder and venture capitalist, she has been heralded as a visionary founder and award-winning agent of social change. Her previous involvement in fundraising with leaders in the oil & gas industry and background as a social worker has lent itself to both a “grass-roots” and “big picture” approach helping consulting clients build their brands and raise capital to fuel their cause. This experience has made her an in-demand academic instructor, consultant, and fundraiser for disruptive startups, especially those innovating in the media technology space.

As the Founder she is dedicated to helping People for Liberty to launch, grow and scale in order to be a true force for social good and a light for all seeking a home in the liberty movement. 

People for Liberty | Incubatory & Accelerator Programming


PFL will serve as fiscal sponsors for projects so they can fundraise for themselves.


PFL will serve as a ‘mentor matching’ facilitator through our relationship with MediaTech Ventures and other networks, including leaders in the liberty movement.

office space

Starting in Houston, TX, PFL has existing relationships with co-working spaces.


PFL will develop grassroots leadership and volunteer management curricula that complement other ‘run-for-office’ services throughout the liberty movement.



PFL will provide in-kind sponsorship, access to networking events, product or service development support, continuing support as the startup leaves the accellerator.

People for Liberty | Political Action Committee

Our goal is to set the stage for marketing & advertising success with our 501c4 nonprofit and through online engagement in our online hub. Creating these connections with people will build an audience and create a path and process for ongoing marketing research. Ultimately this will provide a pipeline for sharing curated content through an army of brand advocates and social influencers.

The future of Super PACs will include collecting and deploying user-generated content and influencer strategies. As the reliance on the mainstream media decreases, especially among liberty-minded individuals, People for Liberty is positioned to be at the forefront of the ‘new wave’.  We are focused on anticipating and creating the future instead of desperately trying to play catch-up.


We engage people with educational programs designed to improve understanding of the principles of the liberty movement. This will start with workshops on topics including servant leadership and strategic planning with plans to expand into an “incubator” designed to launch and grow liberty-minded businesses. With additional programs for children, students, and people curious about liberty in general, we seek to empower activism through civic engagement and facilitate the development of more grassroots leaders to affect change at the national, state, and local level.


By building an online community – utilizing this website, social media, and other digital tools – and by offering additional future training opportunities in critical areas like marketing, management, and growth strategy, we are providing the building blocks of a grassroots advocacy network to power the future of the liberty movement. Our toolbox will continue to grow through the support of like-minded, liberty-loving people like you.


We have formed an independent (non-connected) expenditure-only committee (Super PAC) to raise capital for and awareness of the movement and candidates working to advance the principles we hold dear as Americans seeking freedom in our pursuit of life and liberty. Read more about the legal entities and clear firewall policies separating the 501c4 nonprofit and political action committee in our blogs.

Featured Events

Libertarian Day of Service

The 1st Annual Libertarian Day of Service, where liberty-lovers come together in a show of community action.

Liberty Lunch Power Hour

Join Dan Fishman and Special Guest Captain Victoria Berger.

Liberty News

Our most recently shared news stories. For more stories visit our blog section.

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President Jo Jorgensen

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