On the campaign trail, I heard Democrat and Republican politicians telling voters they thought we “needed” government for this or that – because we need a clean environment or we need better access to child care or any number of social issues we consider part of the greater good. The hidden underlying assumption was that the only way to achieve the “greater good” in our communities, states, and country was through the government. I feel strongly that it is our duty, as people who believe in #PeopleB4Politics, to demonstrate through our actions, rather than our words, that

(1) government isn’t the only way to get stuff done, and
(2) inviting people to take part in “voluntaryism” is one of the best ways we can achieve greater good, together.

“Voluntaryism” is a simple and beautiful concept that was coined by 19th century philosopher Auberon Herbert, and it is best described as people helping people. The core tenet of voluntaryism is that the best way for good things to happen is when people voluntarily come together to carry out acts of service. A community garden is a perfect example of voluntaryism. Mutual Aid Societies, like Mutual Aid Houston that made such a difference for Harris County residents struggling after the terrible storms in February this year, are another wonderful, concrete example of voluntaryism in action. 

Encouraging people to come together in acts of service within their communities is why People for Liberty is organizing the National Libertarian Day of Service (#NLDOS). It is exactly what it sounds like – a call for liberty lovers across the country to join together and engage in acts of service on Saturday, May 1, 2021, in an effort to show the impact of true voluntaryism. 

We chose this date because the first day of May also marks International Workers’ Day, which was initially created by the Marxist International Socialist Congress to celebrate the working class. We thought it would be much better to celebrate what we the people can accomplish together in our communities without depending on the government or unions. Rather than celebrate an ideology rooted in using force to make everyone equal, we want to have a celebration of being free by choosing to help others.

The fact that May 1st is coincidentally my birthday also makes me partial to this date.

So we are going to reclaim this day and show the world that great things can be accomplished through voluntaryism by encouraging our friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and fellow People for Liberty members to take action in their local communities. That means you, too!

I invite you to join us in making this first annual #NLDOS one for the record books. Let’s show the nation what we can accomplish together without the use of government funds or force. Over the next 3 years or so, we have an opportunity to really get out there and show people what the principles of the liberty movement and the concept of #Living4Liberty mean to each of us. 

Because, at the end of the day, I don’t think people want to hear from me or other politicians. They want to hear from you and see you and your friends and family living those principles in your everyday lives. We have an opportunity to model the movement, not just preach it.

So make a plan to take action with us. If you’re on Facebook, consider joining the National Libertarian Day of Service group. There you will be able to team up with people in your area and brainstorm to help execute your great ideas for service projects. You can search for your state/city/county name to connect with others in your area or consider reaching out to your local libertarians to see if you can help lead or support a cause with them! 

The act of service you do for #NLDOS can be as big or small as you want. Either way, you are leaving a positive impact on your community. It can be something as organized as running a food drive or something as simple as going on a hike and picking up trash you see along the way. 

Whatever act of service you take part in for #NLDOS, make sure to take photos and videos! 

We want to highlight this event as much as possible and show everyone what great things voluntaryism in action can accomplish. Any photos or videos you take can be sent to our email, uploaded to the #NLDOS Facebook group, or shared by tagging @people4liberty on social media and use the hashtag #NLDOS

We encourage everyone in the larger Liberty Movement or even just those who are “liberty curious” to take part in National Libertarian Day of Service. People for Liberty is not affiliated with any political party, and your voluntaryism doesn’t have to be either! 

Our top priority is making the world a better place – we don’t care how you vote, we care that you care and that you are willing to put your time and energy into your gift of service. 

This year I re-committed myself to helping to grow the Liberty Movement and I am proud to now serve as the President of the Board for People for Liberty, an organization dedicated to my campaign goal of driving “Real Change for Real People” through action in our communities.

We are looking forward to seeing all the great things we can all accomplish when we stop waiting for the government and take action together to make our communities a better place. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in action on Saturday, May 1st for our inaugural event!

Yours in Liberty, 

Dr. Jo

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