Instead of talking about the divide in our culture, let’s talk about what actually divides us.

Hint: It’s not the issues.

As Americans (and as People For Liberty) we’re generally ok with people having differing opinions about how to lead their lives. In fact, there was a time in American politics where people actively campaigned to keep government OUT of how people lived their lives. Even when people disagreed about those issues, our tolerance allowed us to still be friends.

Now, many people want to use government to enforce laws that restrict your lifestyle. Now if you disagree you’re a criminal. Government doesn’t just prevents us from being friends with people we disagree with, it REQUIRES us to be enemies.

As we reflect on one of the angriest days in American history, let’s recognize that most of us aren’t particularly angry about an issue or someone else’s lifestyle. We’re angry because the government has the power to stop us from leading our lives as we choose.

Don’t let people spread the lie that it’s the issues that divide us. We the people aren’t afraid of disagreements. We’re fearful of a government that thinks it should end disagreements with a law. We are fearful of a time when honest disagreements might suddenly become criminal offenses because government passes a law.

If you think we’re much less angry with our neighbors than the politicians want us to believe or the media wants to show us, please like this page, and become one of the People For Liberty. Help us empower people by depowering government.


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