The power of legal observers is an important one in our society. The idea that people can go somewhere and not commit an act of aggression, but bear witness to the actions of other allows us to have a functioning society. Legal observers are important because Justice is supposed to be blind. You get have the chance to be an observer. Make sure people know the truth about what happened!

Please do not allow the lie that Kyle went looking for a fight to spread. The night before an old man was trying to defend his business and was beaten with a fire extinguisher. The video is pretty horrific and went viral of course.…/elderly-man-defending-store…/

A local radio announcer, after seeing the video made his show about that, and asked “Isn’t there anyone around who can step up here where the police are failing? Can we get some volunteers to stand guard at local businesses at night in Kenosha?”

Kyle answered that call. He didn’t go there to shoot anyone, he went there to be a legal observer and bear witness.  And he was armed. And 6 hours before he went to Kenosha he was cleaning graffiti off of a school wall (pictured).

Please don’t allow the lie to be spread that Kyle was there hunting people. Kyle never approached anyone in an aggressive manner. In fact he never approached anyone that was shot. They all engaged him. There is no testimony nor evidence implying that he ever approached anyone who was shot. They all came at him in an aggressive manner, knowing that he was armed.

First confrontation

At the first confrontation Kyle was on private property and people had to commit criminal trespass to get to him. According to the eyewitness testimony and the FBI video, he tried to avoid the crowd, including running away. At some point it becomes clear to him he can’t outrun one guy and he stops and turns and points his weapon at the guy, who keeps charging him. Kyle shoots. He sees someone begin adminstering first aid to the person who was shot. He calls his friend 

Second confrontation

A journalist from The Washington Post saw Rittenhouse run past with his rifle followed by a few protesters in pursuit. According to the criminal complaint at that point, protesters were heard on two different videos yelling “Beat him up!,” “Hey he shot him!,” and “Get him! Get that dude!”.  One individual struck Rittenhouse from behind, knocking off his cap, shortly after which Rittenhouse tripped and fell to the ground. Others shouted “What’d he do?,” “Just shot someone!,” and “Get his ass!”. 

According to court records and video footage, another protester, Anthony Huber, made contact with Rittenhouse’s left shoulder with a skateboard as the pair struggled for control of the gun. As Huber was pulling on the rifle, Rittenhouse fired once, hitting Huber in the chest, perforating his heart and right lung, causing his rapid death.

Third confrontation

Gaige Grosskreutz was at the protest as a legal observer for the ACLU. In many ways he was there to fullfil EXACTLY the same purpose as Kyle Rittenhouse. The difference is that Kyle was carrying legallly and Gaige was not.

Gaige testified that shortly before midnight he had heard gunshots to the south and observed Rittenhouse running in his direction on Sheridan Road. Grosskreutz’s video was played for the jury and he said he took it while running alongside the armed Rittenhouse and asking him, “Hey, what are you doing. You shot somebody?”

Rittenhouse continued to run while answering, “I’m going to get the police,” according to the video.

Grosskreutz said he briefly started to go back to where Rittenhouse was running from to see if he could find the person who was shot but then decided to chase Rittenhouse when people started yelling he had just shot someone.

Grosskreutz testified he believed Rittenhouse was an active shooter. Grosskreutz had an expired concealed carry permit for a handgun and was carrying a Glock pistol. He approached Rittenhouse, who was on the ground, but stopped and put his hands up after Huber was shot. Grosskreutz then pointed his handgun and advanced on Rittenhouse, who shot Grosskreutz in the arm, severing most of his right biceps muscle.

When you talk to people about the truth of what happened, try to follow Kyle’s example. Don’t do so in a manner that is threatening. Don’t get angry or lose your temper. Instead be calm and collected. Ask people to examine the testimony and the facts. And make sure that you are armed with the truth.


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