Washington D.C.

For Immediate Release:

People For Liberty is delighted to announce the hiring of Danielle Shamp as Director of Development, effective immediately.  Ms. Shamp will oversee the Development Department, serve on PFL’s leadership team, and be responsible for expanding fundraising.

Ms. Shamp has previously served as a state treasurer for the Libertarian Party of Alabama where she helped to develop affiliate organizations, organized fundraising, helped develop candidate support, and planned local and statewide events.  In addition, she is also a congressional campaign manager for a Libertarian candidate in Alabama’s District 2. While Danielle joins People for Liberty from a sales and marketing background, her tenure has included work in logistics, sales, non-profit event planning, and post-secondary education at Auburn University.

“As our capacity and donor base expands, it became clear we needed a visionary who could find those aligned with our mission and engage them,” said Executive Director Dan Fishman. “We needed a seasoned professional capable of creating an infrastructure and culture built on best practices to supercharge our fundraising. Those people are few and far between. We consider ourselves lucky to have hired one of the best, and we consider Ms. Shamp’s willingness to join our team as a testament to the good work that we are doing.”

Inquiries about People for Liberty can be directed to info@people4liberty.org


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