LPGV 50th birthday party for the LP

Hop Lounge 35 Rowland Rd., Bozeman, MT, United States

The Libertarian Party of Gallatin Valley is throwing a 50th birthday party for the LP. We will be gathering for cake, beer, chicken, and music at Hop Lounge (93 Rowland Rd., Bozeman, MT) at 5:30 pm mountain time. Guest of honor is 2020 VP candidate Spike Cohen (appearing live by video), with more guests to […]

Free – $5

2022 LP Georgia State Convention

Douglasville Conference Center 6700 CHURCH ST, Douglasville, GA, United States

The Libertarian Party of Georgia is pleased to announce that the 2022 annual convention will be held in Douglasville, Georgia on January 15-16th at the Douglasville Conference Center located at: 6700 Church St., Douglasville, GA 30134. The 2022 convention will include a business meeting, guest speakers, breakout discussions, and a membership reception on Saturday night. […]


Conversations About Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"...in 1960, when students all over the South started sitting-in at lunch counters...I knew that as they were sitting in, they were really standing up for the best in the American dream. And taking the whole nation back to those great wells of democracy which were dug deep by the Founding Fathers in the Declaration […]

Ladies for Liberty

Join Women Voters for Liberty as we highlight women in the liberty movement to close out Women's History Month. Our great lineup includes: Jo Jorgensen Izabela Patriota from LOLA Olivia […]


To defend their grip on power – and to establish a new international order – authoritarian regimes are currently strengthening their diplomatic, military, and geoeconomic ties. The creation of this global authoritarian network is a relatively new endeavor, which is why the international community has not adjusted properly. In this panel, Mr. Jraissati and Mr. […]

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