Iowa Libertarian Party Convention

The Libertarian Party of Iowa is holding it's annual convention in Cedar Rapids at The Hotel at Kirkwood Center, April 16th and 17th. You can register for the event and see ticket packages here.

LP Alaska – Gold Rush!

Join 2020 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Spike Cohen and Libertarian National Committee Operations Director Apollo Pazell in person for a candidate training event, preparing for an Alaskan Gold Rush in the 2022 statewide elections. You can also attend virtually via Zoom. ​Eight, one-hour training sessions are scheduled for the day, ranging from campaign finance reporting […]

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4/20 PotCast

Join us for our initial 4/20 PotCast, featuring special speakers from across the cannabis industry beginning at 4:20 pm!

Libertarian Day of Service

The 1st Annual Libertarian Day of Service, where liberty-lovers come together in a show of community action.

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NLDOS Volunteer

Let your pride shine as a volunteer by letting people know you support voluntary community action to lift up your community!

Defund Politicians

Yeah, we said it. Defund politicians. Make the world a better place by putting the power back into the hands of the people!

Politically Free

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