I’m in favor of people getting vaccinated, but I’m against the government exerting any coercive pressure to force people to get vaccinated. In an ideal world, the free market would sort this out based on actual outcomes. Considering that health expenses are dominatingly higher for unvaccinated, if they could, insurance companies would be charging unvaccinated people much higher rates. Would that make some people decide to get vaccinated?  I don’t know, but it would be there choice. And if people didn’t like that they could change their health insurace to a company that specialized in the unvaccinated.
But because of the Afforable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, insurance companies cannot charge people different rates based on their medical condition, including vaccination status. Absent the ACA, the free market would already have created an enormous financial incentive for getting vaccinated, and ensured people would have a clearer understanding of the benefits of vaccination. In this case we have a clear case of the ACA allowing people to be

If you like the fact that people who don’t get vaccinated are still covered by their health insurance, thank Obamacare. The removal of the free market for medecine has allowed the unvaccinated to face no financial consequences for their decisions. 

The irony of antivaxxers having their medical decisions defended by Obamacare is the sort of tragic comedy that that will have Conservative cheering the ACA and Democrats realizing the problem with removing a free market, and few people realize that the best outcome would have been no government intervention in any markets.


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