Today is National Voter Registration Day. There are upcoming election in November for many Americans, and next year of course are the important midterms.

If you’re not registered, of course we’d like to encourage you to do so and become an active participant in your democracy. If you ARE already registered with one of the old parties, there is a very important thing you can do right now to tell the parties that they are screwing up. Re-register as an Independent! Tell the Republican and Democrat parties that we’re not going to buy the hatred of the other party that they are selling. Don’t tell the political machines “I want to be sent your propaganda.” Don’t tell the Demcrats or Republicans that they can count on your vote no matter who the candidate is.

The world looks different to an Independent because you get sent different political messages. If you are an R or a D, you get messages of hatred about the other side, encouraging you to spread the fear. If you are an independent voter, you get political messages of why you should vote FOR someone. 

So what are you waiting for? Declare your Independance! Register as anything besides an R or a D.


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