People have myriad different feelings about Memorial Day. For me, that’s the real lesson of the day.

For some people it’s a day to honor the fallen. For some people it’s a contrived holiday to make the tragic seem heroic. For some it’s about acknowledging the terrible cost of war. For some it’s a celebration of freedoms so essential that people were willing to sacrifice their lives for them.


And for others it means something incredibly personal that isn’t for sharing.
Memorial day is inextricably bound to grief. None of us are born as experts with grief, though it comes to our lives so often and unbidden. The experience is different based on the principals and the circumstances.
For some the grief is so painful they wished they had never loved at all, while for others grief is the ultimate (in both definitions of the word) expression of our love.


Please be mindful of others in their grief. In some cases you can help by letting them tell you something. In other cases it might help if you can tell them something. And sometimes you help just by being alive.


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