Charity benefits more than just the person who receives it. It benefits the giver, because that person is now a charitable person. And it benefits society because we are now a charitable society.

That alone is enough of a reason for the Liberty movement to be supportive of volunteers, but for us there’s something else. If there aren’t enough volunteers — if there isn’t enough charity, governments take that as an excuse to raise taxes to “fill a need”. And they use fear to justify their actions. Politicians say things like

“If government doesn’t solve the homeless problem, your property values will go down, crime will go up and people will die!”
“If government doesn’t solve the hunger problem, your property values will go down, crime will go up and people will die!”
“If government doesn’t solve the education problem, we’ll have no workers, crime will go up and people will die!”
“If government doesn’t control healthcare….”  Well you get the idea.

So it’s important for us to show that We The People can handle that load. The government hasn’t solved homelessness, but Habitat for Humanity has done a pretty good job. The government hasn’t ended hunger, but Feeding America maintains food banks across the country. Houses of Worship care for those in need as part of their worship. Mutual aid societies are popping up around the country.

People are volunteering. Needs are being met. There is good in our society and people want to help.

People need to know it can happen without government.

This Saturday get out on your own or with some friends! Gear up in Liberty clothing or whatever is comfortable, and make the world a better place. Show everyone that Liberty is about being willing to help voluntarily.

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