Laws require law enforcement, which injects force into our society.

If you’re not familiar with what happened in Minneapolis last night, the details are still unclear, but a young black man, Duante Wright, was killed after a traffic stop where he was pulled over with his girlfriend in the car. He called his mother to tell her he had been pulled over for having an air freshener in his car. When she called back his girlfriend answered and said Duante had been shot.

We make a more peaceful world by eliminating stupid laws that are used as an excuse to allow harassments traffic stops. Why is a kid dead because he had “too many” air fresheners. Is this a law we needed?

The fight for the #LibertyLifestyle is fought in city councils and community meetings. We give to police officers, the power in one terrible moment to be judge, jury and executioner. We must ensure that there are people in those jobs who will exercise the ultimate restraint, including not detaining someone on a minor infraction.

The rationale behind the “no air freshener” law may never be learned. I’m sure someone thought it’s a potential viewing impediment for some drivers. That thought didn’t need the force of a law behind it because EVERY law that needs to be enforced has the potential to cause someone’s death.  This law clearly wasn’t worth that.

Before we can be a nation of laws, we have to be a nation of tolerance. Tolerance is not allowing people to do things that you approve of — it’s accepting that people have the natural right to behave as they please, so long as they are not directly hurting anyone else, damaging someone else’s property or restricting someone else’s liberty.

If you asked 100 people can we tolerate someone hanging an air freshener from their car mirror, most people would have said yes. It was a stupid law. If you want to help fight against stupid laws check out our Liberty Legislation page to see if there is a way for you to get involved locally.

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