Holy crap! Just one week ago we had Nickolas Wildstar on the Liberty Lunch Power Hour. If you’re not familiar with what was going on, here’s a quick synopsis.

Nickolas Wildstar, had been a victim of injustice at the hands of officers and our court system. Nickolas recorded his traffic court proceedings then uploaded his videos onto YouTube. Surprisingly his videos went viral and caught the attention of the courts. Unbeknownst to him they charged him with contempt of court for exercising his lawful and constitutional right to record any public official (judge) in a public place (court).

They charged him with 6 charges of contempt after he went to his 3rd hearing to address the first set of charges. Half of the charges are duplicate charges with each charge having a maximum sentence of 1 year. They locked him up for 10 days instead of the usual “cite and release” for a victimless and nonviolent crime. One of the days they kept him in there was during Christmas missing his sons first Christmas with his father.

So we had Nick on to talk about the details of his case and how people could help. And of course the number one thing that helps in a case like this is publicity and money. And you guys came through! Our interview with Nick was widely shared and many of you generously donated to his GoFundMe page.

And ONE WEEK LATER things have improved! Nick is not going to jail, he’s just getting community service and a suspended sentence. Of course that’s still not great. He’s been found guilty of a crime that in my opinion shouldn’t be a crime. You should always be allowed to record what happens to you.

I don’t know if this is the end, but knowing Wildstar, he’s not going to let a guilty verdict for a non-crime stand, and will continue to fight for all of us!

If to learn more about the details of his case, check out our interview from last week!

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