Out of many, one!

Did you know the motto of the United States, “E pluribus unum” was deliberately chosen to have 13 letters as a nod to the 13 colonies? When it first appeared on the Great Seal of the United States in 1792, it was a comment about the founding of the country. Our nation was birthed when individuals chose to bind themselves to each other voluntarily and equally, creating a nation of citizens rather than subjects.

That had never happened before. And it was a critically important idea for a world yearning to be free.

The National Libertarian Day of Service celebrates that revolutionary thought. We choose to voluntarily come together as individuals and engaged in disparate tasks for the one purpose of making the world better.  We don’t need to pay the government to feed the hungry, clean the parks, or fund projects, right?  Let’s show the world that the government can be reduced where We The People can do better.

 We’re asking everyone to make your community a better place by organizing a volunteer project on (or around) May 1st.  


  • Clean up a street or a park.
  • Volunteer at a food bank or run a food drive
  • Organize with your house of worship
  • Write some letters to some senior citizens
  • Lobby your state capital or city council about a liberty-infringing bill
  • Start a donation drive for your local women or homeless shelters

When you sign up, we’ll send you a variety of causes to choose from with organization tips, promotion resources, and ways to connect with others for this great cause.

Rally with other people who love Liberty in your county or state, determine the best way your group can impact your area, create a plan, and do it! 

Document the day with photos and videos, then send them to us, to the group, or post on twitter with #NLDOS. We’ll be creating a video montage… extra points if you are sporting your People For Liberty merchandise


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