As People for Liberty jumps into electoral work, we’ve been receiving more and more questions about who can participate in what ways with our efforts.

While we’re not able to provide legal advice, the following is meant to be a helpful resource to provide a general overview and answer common questions. Please see this website for the full version of the text by the great team at Indivisible.

One of the most important ways you can support candidates in your area is to spend your time — which is not subject to restrictions, unlike your money.

Volunteer time — canvassing, making phone calls, promoting a cause on social media or holding candidate forums — is a huge factor in who gets elected. You can spend your time wherever and however you see fit as an unpaid volunteer as long as you’re not sharing non-public information between organizations and making coordinated decisions regarding raising or spending money.

An individual who is not active within the official campaign team or party — i.e. without an official role, title, or assigned responsibilities like the “State Chair” of a local LP affiliate chapter or the “Social Media Director” for a campaign — can engage as a volunteer for the People for Liberty nonprofit or the official organizations provided they’re adhering to the above restrictions related to sharing non-public data and fundraising.

Volunteering & Coordination for Unincorporated Groups

People for Liberty grassroots groups forming around the country will have varying legal structures. Many groups will remain “unincorporated”, which we think is the right choice for most.

Unincorporated Groups, like the #LetHerSpeak movement, are free to engage in electoral work on either the coordinated or IE side. They can endorse candidates and work to support them.

However, spending from these groups is still subject to reporting requirements and contribution limits (on the coordinated side), and so groups should make sure that they are spending their time, not their money, whenever possible.

These unincorporated groups can choose not to use national paid voter contact tools from the People for Liberty organization and, instead, coordinate with candidates or parties directly — as long as the groupsdo not share non-public information with People for Liberty leadership or campaign staff. A non-disclosure agreement will confirm participant’s understanding of this restriction.

So, if you are active within the official campaign team or party — i.e. you hold an official role, title, or assigned responsibilities like the “State Chair” of a local LP affiliate chapter or the “Social Media Director” for a campaign — you can coordinate activities with the unincorporated #LetHerSpeak group but not the People for Liberty nonprofit or Super PAC leadership team.

Still have questions about your ability to be involved? Connect with us directly at

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