As I sit with my affiliate political group in its monthly meet-up, I am listening to the various members discuss their favorite political minds, celebrities, or podcasts. This then evolves into their favorite economists such as Ludwig Von Mises, Thomas Sowell, or Murray Rothbard. I remain silent.

I don’t listen to podcasts, I don’t have a favorite political celebrity, I’ve never read a book by any of these economists. Am I worthy to sit here I wonder? What do I have to offer this group of liberty intellectuals?

I am no one.

Yet every day I rise and engage 15,000+ people on our liberty social media pages. 15,000+ members follow our People for Liberty groups. I am responsible for the content, the pulse, the conversations, well me and a team of amazing people helping me. Still, I am no one. I don’t have a massive twitter following, a huge social media presence. People don’t line up at conventions to meet me, speak to me, or even have their picture taken with me. You see, I am unimportant.

This may seem like a self-loathing diatribe however it isn’t. I am writing this for that moment in everyone’s life when they think, I can’t do that, or I’m not big enough to accomplish that in hopes that they will step back and see even a NO ONE is SOMEONE and YES you can do it. Yes, you can voluntarily lead a team of people to talk about liberty every day. Yes, you can be that voice of liberty that just one person was waiting to hear. Yes, you can individually fight the battle to end the system that takes more and more of our freedoms. Be Liberty in Action.

It doesn’t take a podcast, a political campaign, a book on economics, or even a massive twitter following to change the world. I just saw today to make a change in government, you need 3.5% of the people to push for that change. So be that no one that shows up to the protest, be that no one that writes your political leaders, be that no one that changes the world. Be you, in whatever capacity it is because even this no one just wrote a blog that will be shared to thousands of people.

All of this would not be possible without the incredible team of admins and moderators that wake up every day and volunteer for People for Liberty. Without you all, none of this is possible. Thank you for being the 3.5%.


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