Over a dozen suspects tied to the spate of nearly a dozen smash-and-grab robberies in Los Angeles were busted but then quickly released due to zero-bail policies, which has left the LAPD’s top cop frustrated.

The 14 arrests followed a “rash” of 11 “flash-mob type” raids in which nearly $350,000 in goods was swiped in just 10 days in the City of Angels last month, with the last on Nov. 28, LAPD chief Michel Moore said Thursday.

There has been a call from the left (and some libertarians) for reducing bail. Those on the other side are complaining that it lets out hard-core criminals who quickly re-offend.

Once again, those in power have us debating about the symptoms of bad government, and not the cause.

Why are people calling for reduced or no bail? Because those charged are not getting a speedy trial, which is the right of every American citizen. The root cause of the delays is that courts are clogged with non-violent offenders who are being arrested for trivial charges. This prevent people having access to the speedy trials they deserve. As a result, the government, in its usual slow as molasses, incompetent ways, either holds people longer than they deserve or lets out criminals to reoffend.

How about solving the root cause of the problem? I believe that  every American would agree that anyone charged should be brought to trial swiftly, and with that in place, it would end the false divide among Americans.

We should be uniting the country around our core beliefs, getting rid of this endless divide in our country.”


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