Bethany Love


Like many people I have struggled with my identity. Even as an adult, I still seek to define myself adequately. I have accumulated labels that help me and others define me, but no matter what,
those labels never fit. These labels are like a box. They are either too big, too small, but never completely fitting.

So, I am forever breaking out of a box.

How do you define me? I could attempt to give you a list, but in doing so I would write a book of contradictions. So, let me just give you one:

I am an experimentalist.



This is the most important label that I may claim. I have dived into many different
experiences over my life so far, and I don’t intend on restricting my need for knowledge as I
grow older. I am absolutely thirsty for knowledge. I have loved all genres of music at one
time or another and I have worn many different fashions in one of my many different phases.
I have decked myself out in combat boots and a tight candy striped tank, with braids or Leia
buns. I have worn long flowy dresses while barefoot with a sunkissed tan, and I have never
shied away from an oversized hoodie. I have appreciated several very different faiths and
will continue to show respect for all of them. I have fallen down the philosopher rabbit holes
of Jung, Epicurus, Socrates, Aristotle, Nietzsche, Laozi and Alan Watts. I’ve had many
moments where I have thought of the Id and ego and the law of balance in nature. My high
school studies included a range from Psychology, Sociology, British Lit, World Religions,
Criminal Justice, Journalism, JROTC, Choir, to 3 different languages. I thirst for knowledge.
Both of the mind, body and soul.


As an experimentalist, there are many issues that are important to me. My passions are vast
and include-environmentalism, the legalization of cannabis, the military industrial complex,
bodily autonomy, the criminal justice system, mental health and those that are inadequately
cared for, the rotten health care system, the redundant and biased education system, the
separation of church and state, and the moral burdens that taxes place on each other. In all of
my searching, I have come to understand there is only one way to live.

To live your life with love.

If your reason is not love-it is not a good enough reason. Whether it is for the love of a hobby,
the love of your beliefs, or the love you wish to share and receive. It is my belief that the path
to prosperity is in peace, and the path to peace is accomplished through love and
understanding. How else do we get to peace and prosperity without love and understanding?

Yes, it is all about love.

The need for love is why I have chosen to be a voice in the liberty movement. However, voices
like mine are often over looked. People tend to forget the need for both water and fire. Water is
just as formidable and necessary as fire. But, people like me sometimes allow it, because it’s
passive and perceived as peaceful. Unfortunately, as we can all see- the time for passiveness
has passed.

The need for understanding is now. The time for direct action is now.


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