Join us and our friends from Libertarios Hispanos with the Liberty on the Border Series as we speak to a few of the existing organizations and thought leaders who are providing critical resources and services to children and others suffering in detention facilities and holding cells all across our country.

No matter what your stance is on the best way to address the challenges immigration poses, our southern border has served as the backdrop for this ongoing humanitarian crisis for over a decade. Many who hoped President Biden and his team would alleviate the situation are realizing it will not change any time soon. Arguing over the best policy to resolve it does not help the people who are caught in the middle.

There are dozens of organizations who are helping hundreds of families everyday. Instead of reinventing the wheel by creating duplicative services, we can better utilize our time and resources by helping to amplify and expand on the work of others who are already making traction.

This series is a non-partisan online rally featuring many of the organizations that are doing the tough work every day. They are offering humanitarian services for asylum seekers including food, water, shelter, basic hygiene items and clothing, legal and medical assistance.

This will be part of an ongoing series with in-person events in Texas, Florida and New York City coming up in the fall. If you are interested in learning more about these events, opportunities to volunteer with us or any of our partners, please sign up below:

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