The strength of People For Liberty is that it’s made up of people like you and me who want to do something. And we can.

All around the country, there is legislation being proposed or already in the works that affects our personal liberties. We must oppose the legislation that limits our liberties now before it becomes a law. Likewise we should support legislation that increases liberty.

People For Liberty is gathering a list of Affecting Liberty Legislation (ALL) and we need your help. If you know of a piece of legislation that is affecting liberty, please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. It’s critical that you help us categorize this data as much as possible as that makes it much easier to mobilize the right people to resist. We want to help people testify before the legislature. We want to help organize letter-writing campaigns. We want to do what we do best — unite us all as People For Liberty.

We’re hoping that in some cases you’ll want to help organize the “people on the ground” if there are none already. To be clear – if there is another group, liberty leaning or not, who is on our side about this legislation as you we strongly recommend you ally with them. Forging alliances gives you the opportunity to show people what Liberty is really about. The fact that we fight for everyone’s liberty, can generate significant goodwill for the Liberty movement. If that opportunity presents itself, jump at it.

If there is no organized movement, please check above that you’re willing to be the point person below. We’ll set you up with a basic form on the People For Liberty website and start pointing people towards it so you can start gathering information about people who want to work with you.

Affecting Liberty Legislation (ALL)

Please tell us about yourself and the legislation you're concerned about.
  • We're not going to give away your email address, but if we need more information about the proposed legislation, we'll contact you directly.
  • Select the state this legislation affects. If this is a local issue, please choose the state here and the city or county below. Federal issues are on a different page.
  • Enter the city/county name that this legislation affects.
  • Please indicate which category of personal Liberty is affected the MOST by the proposed legislation.
  • Provide a Twitter summary (140 characters) of what this legislation does.
  • Please provide a link to the proposed legislation or a news story about the proposed legislation.
  • If there is already an organization working to affect this legislation and they have a website, please enter it here.
  • Please provide an email address for people to contact to get involved in affecting this legislation.
  • If you are unaware of an organized group already working to affect this legislation and you are willing to lead this effort, please check the box below. If there is another group already trying to affect this legislation, even if they aren't a Liberty organization, we recommend you work with them.
StateCity or County (if applicable)SummaryLinkResistance Website
StateCity or County (if applicable)SummaryLinkResistance Website
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