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Herbal Alchemy – Spagyric Medicine Making

July 31 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm EDT

Plant alchemy is a powerful evolutionary and in depth process in which we purify and evolve a plant into a ‘higher’ form of itself. It’s also an incredible way of getting to know a plant on a much deeper level that ordinarily may take decades to learn through experience. Plant alchemy is not just a physical process, and as such, it’s not something that can be taught purely through words or pictures. It is something that needs to be experienced!
What is it?
Herbal Alchemy is the ancient art of creating a plant remedy using alchemical principles. Alchemy uses processes already occuring in nature to bring transformation and evolution to the substance and to ourselves.
It is a process of consciously evolving a substance to its highest state of being. In this way we come out with living medicines of great potency. We also come out significantly changed ourselves as we cannot evoke transformation without going through it.
As above, so below. As within, so without.
Plant alchemy works at creating a ‘vegetable stone’. These powerful plant medicines are known as ‘spagyrics’ and when made properly can be used as great transformational catalysts for bringing out the ‘gold’ within ourselves and those around us, creating healing and change.
Normal herbal tinctures lack one or sometimes even two (soul) of the major active principles of any medicine – the Body or Salt component. In alchemical spagyric tinctures, we work to separate and purify the Spirit, Soul and Body parts of the plant. The Salt is an integral part of any medicine and one that creates considerable power and change in the persons imbibing it. Because of this and the way in which they are made, Alchemical tinctures are a truly wholistic herbal preparation – they affect all parts of a human – physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental simultaneously.
Course Outline
1. Introduction to Alchemy and the three principles – spirit, soul, and body. Tuning into the plant world and plant spirit journeying and communication.
2. Working with the Spirit of the plant through the process of fermentation. Connect and journey to the Spirit of the plant.
3. The Soul. Soul distillation of the plant. Journey with the Soul of the herb.
4 & 5. Body/Salt. Working with the material realm through calcination. Journey into the physical realm.
6. The Sacred Marriage. Bringing the purified parts together again to create an exalted and powerful plant remedy.
“Heidi is a genuinely heart centred facilitator who is passionate about awakening humankind into a purer connection with both themselves and Nature. Throughout the course, we were encouraged to access and activate our innate communication skills to receive from the plant its gifts and purpose. Doing this in a group environment I found heightened my receptivity and amplified the information input.
Heidi’s awareness is an incredible resource. I learnt so much about Alchemy, and honestly went through the alchemical process myself whilst we created the tincture! Due to her humility and encouraging nature, I felt safe and supported to share my inner journeys and insights, also to process the deeper, sometimes uncomfortable, emotions that arose. I recommend this Alchemy course to anyone choosing to deepen their connection with Nature and themselves. It’s a true gift that keeps on giving!
Heidi’s deep wisdom and grace inspired a wonderfully nourishing, expansive experience.” K.W.
Full details on website https://wildflowerwalker.com/herbal-alchemy/
Four mondays starting August 1
There will also be one short follow up session to be arranged with participants
As this can be a deep process, you will need to commit to coming to every session to keep the fires burning, purifying and moving.
Numbers limited.


July 31
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm EDT
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Heidi Wedd
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